Tandemloc Horizontal Connector 12900BA-1PZ Steel Shipping Containers 5410-01-363-7086

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he horizontal connector that rigidly clamps containers, shelters or other structures together.

The TANDEMLOC CONNECTOR is an easy-to-use device for connecting containers, shelters or other structures together horizontally. Containers and shelters outfitted with ISO corner fittings can be clamped together rigidly, with a slack-free connection. Use of the TANDEMLOC CONNECTOR enables multiple units to be locked together and shipped as one - saving time and money. Shelter facilities can be quickly formed using our connector. Connected containers making a 20'equivalent ISO Container received full CSC approval - no waivers - full approval.



Product Notes

Used to connect containers or other structures with ISO corner fittings (ISO 1161) to form arrays of rigidly connected modules. The connection is slack free, unlike Twistloc style connectors, and it fits side and end apertures of either top or bottom corner fittings. Commonly used to connect modules to form the equivalent of an ISO 20' container. Can be used to connect two 20' containers end to end to form a 40' ISO equivalent, however, the user must determine the structural capability of his container prior to use.

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