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Marmon Herrington Transfer Case MVG 750PDR Military P/N 3855784 MVG 750 T20 NIC

Marmon Herrington Transfer Case MVG 750PDR Military P/N 3855784 MVG 750 T20 NIC

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Marmon Herrington Transfer Case MVG 750PDR Military P/N 3855784 MVG 750 T20 NIC


MVG 750 PDR Transfer Case Marmon Herrington MVG 750 other P/N 3855784

Transfer Case Marmon Herrington MVG 750 PDR Vector 300 Fertilizer Utility Truck


Hi 1:1, Low 2.00:1

Input Torque Rating:

7,400 ft. lbs.*




Helical Gears with constant mesh to minimize operating noise


Integral Air Shift Controls for front axle engage, high-neutral-low range and P.T.O. engage. No linkages to adjust


Integral Switches with weatherproof connectors for warning lights when front axle, low range and P.T.O. are engaged


Companion Flanges at input and outputs allow for a variety of drive shaft series, and make for easy installation and removal of shafts


10.63” Short “Drop” (Distance between Input Center and Output Centers) makes for superior drive line angles


Compact design provides excellent ground clearance


Electronic Speedo Sensor


Each shaft is mounted on roller bearings for long service life



Heavy-duty 3-shaft 2-speed transfer case W/Proportioning Differential:

Planetary proportioning differential with 30% front / 70% rear split

Input torque rating: 7,400 ft. lbs.

Heavy-duty Specifications: Two-Speed: Ratio Hi 1:1, Low 2:1

Designed for on-off highway vehicles, machinery and equipment

Housing: Light-weight aluminum housing–reinforced at stress areas.Great For - - Heavy-duty 3-shaft transfer case for on-off highway trucks, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, industrial vehicles, and military applications.

 Marmon-Herrington MVG750PDR T20 Series Transfer Case. Fits many heavy duty 4x4 commercial trucks and also the Vector 300 Fertilizer Spreader. The MVG750R & MVGPDR T20 Series Transfer Case, are the same transfer case, it's just that the PDR has a planetary drive to stop axle torquing and jerking on corners. The military has found that the older MVG750R model will break parts when used with heavy loads in 4x4 while turning on asphalt or Offroad with big tires. The MVG750PDR model eliminates the binding of the drivetrain on all corning, but still offers Constance 4x4 ability! 

This PDR is a direct bolt in replacement to the older style "R" model.

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