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M1000 70 Ton Trailer, Self Contained Hydraulic System Air Brake Folding Ramps

M1000 70 Ton Trailer, Self Contained Hydraulic System Air Brake Folding Ramps

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We have Sold Out of M1000 Trailers, but can support all of their spare parts.



The combat proven M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport semi-trailer carries armored vehicles and other heavy equipment loads weighing up to 70 tons. Rugged pendular suspension and automatic multi-axle steering ensures that the M1000 can get loads where they are needed.

The M1000 is the US Army’s main, heavy line-haul transporter for on- and off-road worldwide operations. As the Abrams tank is increasing in weight, Leonardo DRS is investing to help the Army be in sync with the fielding plan of a heavier tank.

The M1000 has 40 wheels (215/75R 17.5 tires) across five axle lines, these with two half-width axles per line. Each axle has hydraulic pendular suspension providing a 254 mm stroke with lateral oscillation accommodating surface undulations. A hydraulic suspension system is also provided on the pivoting gooseneck to equalise fifth wheel loads. Weight of the M1000 is 22,882 kg. Payload according to the U.S. Army is 63,560 kg, although the manufacturer quotes 80,000 kg at reduced speeds. Overall length is 15.8 m, deck length is 10.58 m; deck width is 3.05 m, 3.66 m for a wide deck version.


Six in stock in varying condition. Sold as is. Engine will crank on most of the trailers. 

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