Fire Search LIGHT OPA570-E15-GPDV 24V Light Mount MRAP US Army Military Truck

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*US Military Approved item*
Fire Research Optimum model OPA570-E15 top mount fixed pedestal light shall be installed. 
The pedestal shall allow the lamphead to rotate 450 degrees and have a self adjusting friction brake to prevent arbitrary rotation. 
The pedestal shall have a round mounting base. Wiring shall extend from the pedestal bottom.
 The lamphead shall have one (1) High Intensity Discharge (HID) 150 watt 24 volt bulb. The bulb will draw 6.25 amps and generate 11,250 lumens. 
The bulb shall be accessible through the front. The lamphead shall incorporate a vacuum deposit polished reflector and 
two optimizing mirrors to produce a uniform beam that lights up an area 100° vertically by 150° horizontally. 
The lamphead shall have a heat dissipating curved front lens. The curve of the lens shall have a radius of 5.16 inches to optimize light emission. 
The lamphead shall be no more than 7 1/16" deep by 5 1/8" high by 8 3/4" wide. Lamphead and brackets shall be powder coated white. 


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