SECO'S Capabilities & Vehicle List

SECO Stocks and Supplies Parts for the following vehicles:

HMMWV (All Variants)
CUCV Utility Vehicle (M1008, M1009, etc.)
M35 Series (2.5 Ton A2, A3) 
M52, M809 + M939 Series (5 Ton A1, A2)
M915, thru M920 Series (A1, A2)
FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles)
M-Series Trailers (of any size)
M109 Howitzer (all variants)
M113 APC (A1 thru A3, YPR)
M88 Recovery Vehicle (A1, A2)
M48 & 60 Tank
M1 Abram
M2/M3 Bradley

M1070 HET

M1000 Trailer

MRAP RG-31 & RG-33 Variants 

M1161 Growler (ITV-LSV) & M1163 Prime Mover

SECO maintains one of the largest inventories of spare parts, supporting many US manufactured wheeled and tracked vehicles, including the HMMWV. Please send any RFQ for parts to